Retrieving information from elasticsearch, by the order of the input array

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Hi everyone!

Can't seem to find an answer to my doubt, so I decided to post the question
and see if someone can help me.

In my application, I have an array of ids which comes from the backend and
which is ordered already as I want, for example: [0] => 23, [1] => 12, [2]
=> 45, [3] => 21

I then "ask" elasticsearch the information corresponding to each id present
in this array, using a terms filter. The problem is the results don't come
in the order of the ids I sent, so the results get mixed up, like: [0] =>
21, [1] => 45, [2] => 23, [3] => 12

Note that I can't sort in elasticsearch by the sorting that orders the
array in the backend.

I also can't order them in php as I'm retrieving paginated results from
elasticsearch, so if each page had 2 results, elasticsearch could give me
the info only for [0] => 21, [1] => 45, so I can't even order them with php.

How can I get the results ordered by the input array? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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