Custom text analyzer for url encoded logs


I am ingesting log files to Elasticsearch(v7.17.1) and using Kibana(v7.17.1) to search the logs.
Some of my log lines have url encoded strings like below. I am trying to use custom text analyzers to be able to search using the url or other query params. But because of the url encoding chars like %3D, %5E, etc, I have to use wildchars around my search texts which slows down the searching drastically. Please suggest any built-in or custom analyser which can help to get url decoded tokens. Thanks.

2022-10-13 12:13:25 INFO GenericDequeuer:86 - ce7e0473-301e-4ddd-9f47-d88096ef6075 - 06+00%3A00%3A00&i%5ELowestFare=5485&i%5ETotalFare=&s%5EReturnDepTime=&s%5EReturnArrTime=&s%5EArrDate_Text=06%2F11%2F2022&s%5EMode=&s%5EBrowser=&'

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