Custom transactions in checkout process

I have a checkout with different steps, each step i want to send some custom data to apm server which we can do with transactions, spans and add additional data using add labels to the span but the question is when should i end this transaction because if i start transaction in first step and end transaction in last step of checkout process, this would be fine.

what if customer leave in between so that we don't end the transaction, what will happen?

is apm server gets the data when start transaction or span without end it (customer enters two steps then quit, will i get this data)?

i can start transaction in first step and add step information using spans and addLabels so each step start span with add some labels to the transaction then end span, is this right approach

what would be the best possible way to send data in each step of checkout process, sending data to backend and there i am using elastic-node-client

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