Custom Vis, extend query_filter in version 5.5.0


I have written a custom visualization that extend query filter. Basically it set a filter based on time when event happen. Dashboard is then filtered based on time when event A happened fist time and event A happened again.

Let say we have events:

A1 : 20.07.2017 at 15.00 
                          >   filter1 
A2 : 21.07.2017 at 16.21 
                           > filter2
A3: 22.07.2017 at  18.00

The visualization get a pull down with filter1 / filter2 option an based on what the user select the filter is set.

Till version 5.4.0 was all fine. Now with 5.5.0 I get the error
TypeError: Expected private module "[object Object]" to be a function
when i try to extend 'ui/filter_bar/query_filter' with my visualization.

Did I miss something ?



ok, I sorted out what my error was. Just a quick update here, maybe somebody else have the same issue and may help a solution.

I had in my original implementation this to access query filter element in kibana:

export const KibanaQueryFilter = (Private) => {
  return Private(require('ui/filter_bar/query_filter'));

and starting with 5.5.0 it stop work, now sould be used the following:

import {FilterBarQueryFilterProvider} from 'ui/filter_bar/query_filter';

export const KibanaQueryFilter = (Private) => {
  return Private(FilterBarQueryFilterProvider);

and all works well again.


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