Visualization filter error after migration from 7.2.0 to 7.3.1


i'm new to Kibana (to Elastic stack also) and i'm facing an issue since the last migration from 7.2.0 to 7.3.1.

I have a dashboard with visualizations, when i want apply filter from a pie chart for example, nothing appends and in browser's console i have this error several times:

TypeError: "_vis_filters.createFiltersFromEvent is not a function"
    fn line 499 > Function:4

My configuration is simple :

Ubuntu 16
Elasticsearch 7.3.1
Kibana 7.3.1
no x-pack
no additional plugins

I have an Apache in front of Kibana, no errors in logs from it.

My migration process:

  • stop kibana
  • backup .kibana* indeces
  • backup kibana directory
  • copy new version into kibana directory
  • start kibana

Does anyone have an idea what go wrong ?

ps: i have CSP errors too when i'm loading kibana, about inline scripts not allowed. No custom configuration, only default.

Thanks for your time, i'm available to give more information if needed.

Hi @Oakar—thanks for the report! As it's a possible bug, would you mind putting in a bug report at Please give all the awesome details as here, plus anything the issue template calls for. I'll also mention it in the team.

Hi Robert,

thanks for your quick reply. I follow your instructions and create an issue on github repository:

Hope we will found the issue, wait and see

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Thanks, great!

after a new installation everything seams ok. By new installation i mean:

  • stop kibana
  • backup old kibana 7.2.0 folder
  • remove kibana 7.2.0 folder
  • copy kibana 7.3.0 binaries in a new folder
  • start kibana

Issue closed. Thanks for your time.

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