Custome script in kibana

Hi. I wanne have a table that shows streamed time per client. streamer serves the .ts files, every .ts file is 10 sec. In this table I have top 5 clients with the count of .ts files. How can I calculate this with script? (count .ts * 10) / 60 ? Thanx

Hey @Mohammad_Mousavi,

It sounds like there is a fixed duration for every .ts file, so is it possible to add a field when you index the data itself to include this duration? Then adding it to a data table is very easy.

Otherwise, you can consider using a scripted field to do this:


Thanx for advice @Larry_Gregory
I've added extra field in logstash filter, and change the format of column to duration in kibana, and I did the same for network usage. In this table I have top 15 users in 8 hours. But I need avg of streamed time of all users not only top users. I thought maybe I can do it in kibana table but the "total function" doesn't return anything. even If it could work it shows only avg of top 15 users not all users, any suggestion ?? Thanx

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