Unable to show Hourly Average

hi All,

I am trying to show hourly average in a Kibana Visualization. I referred to the example in this link -Hourly Average over 24 hours.

However, when I select Histogram option, I get an error saying "The index pattern mypattern* does not contain any of the following compatible field types: number". Do I need a custom script field to be added? I already have a timestamp field defined as date which I am using for time slicing.

I am using 7.5.2 of Kibana. Let me know if you need any further info.


Yes, you need to create a scripted field containing the hour of the day for this.

Go to Management > Index patterns > your index pattern > scripted fields

and add a scripted field of type number like with this script:

thanks @flash1293. I am able to see it now. Looks like scripted fields are only available in Lens from 7.6 onwards. So will stick to regular histograms for now.


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