Customizable axis labels in TSVB Time Series Visualization

Can anyone help me on how can we customize axis labels in TSVB Time Series Visualization - e.g. instead of 'per x weeks ' as a x-axis label, I'd really like the ability to relabel it to what i want.

Hi @akash_keswani

It doesn't look like there is a way to adjust the X-Axis label in TSVB. When the X-Axis is a date histogram, that per X time unit is used to show what the histogram bucket size is. Sorry if you're not able to accomplish what you were hoping for.

Hi @corey.robertson

Thanks for the update on this, appreciated.
Could you also tell me if there's a way to plot scripted fields in TSVB Time Series Visualization ?

Hi @akash_keswani

I found an existing issue for Scripted Fields.

You can follow the conversation there, but I think the consensus is there will not be support for Scripted Fields in TSVB, but there will be the ability to use a new feature called Runtime Fields, which will be in an upcoming release.

Hope that helps

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