Customizable datetime filter


We need to use a customizable datetime filter in our dashboard, we have two use case distinct:

  1. In a workpad we have two differents types of visualization with differents index, a visualization present a data for interval monthly and other daily. We need that, if you change the datetime filter for month, the visualization with interval monthly show the data for the first day of the month selected and the visualization with interval daily show the data for the day and month selected. In other case, when you only change the day in the calendar, only change the daily visualization.

  2. In a workpad we have a interval daily in our visualization, excepting a histogram with interval time, we need to change the day and the filter aplicate in all visualizations.

We don't need the use of hour interval because we have a data daily charge, for this reason we don't need visualizate the hour in datetime filter.

How can we do this? Exist any plugin for customizable datetime filter?


@Angela_Escobar_Mimbr There might be a community-built plugin for a customizable datetime filter but you can't find one easily, clintandrewhall's answer to this post gives a guide on how to build plugins. You might also find the Canvas expression guide useful. At the moment, the datetime filter in Canvas is standard and doesn't have the option to customize it. Good luck!

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