Customize Infrastructure Logs for KIbana Spaces


about the new Infrastructure Logs view, is it possible to set different sources for any Kibana space?

In the configuration file kibana.yml the name of the property is xpack.infra.sources.default.logAlias, is "default" referred to the name of the space?
I tried to replace it with the identifier of another space but it doesn't work.


Hey @kostja79,

These settings aren't able to be customized per-space at the moment, but that sounds like a useful feature!

I'd suggest submitting a feature request, and adding the :Infra UI label so that the appropriate team can find it.

Hi Larry,

thank you, I submitted the feature request

Probably I am not enabled to add the label, I added it in the title.

Thanks and best regards

Great! Sorry about that, I added the label for you.

Hi @kostja79,

thank you for the feature request. As it happens I'm working on it right now. The meta issue is Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions on that issue and the linked PRs.

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