Customize Kibana Favicon

I am struggling to figure out how to change the kibana favicon to a custom branded one. I've tried overlaying the elk.ico file in:




I've also tried changing the favicon.ico file located at:


After these changes, I've cleared the browser cache and restarted Kibana. But I've yet to see the favicon change on the chrome browser tab.

I should point out that I am NOT using an in-house build of Kibana from source, but rather the package downloaded from Elastic. I am running Kibana version 4.4.2.

Any help with the steps to do this would be appreciated.

Both of those should work. If you're updating /opt/kibana/src/ui/public/images you'll have to rebundle (removing the optimize/bundles folder, restarting the server). Clearing your cache doesn't seem to necessarily clear the favicon cache. Can you try a different browser that you haven't loaded kibana in? Or more browser specific, investigate clearing the favicon cache, in chrome right clicking on a tab and clicking reload worked for me.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try it out.

I tried this finally and it worked. Thanks for your help.