Customize Kinbana 4.3 - personalize the GUI


I need some help to customize Kibana. I am working in project to make easy the analysis for customers. But I am scared about customer modifications.
So I have to remove some features like resizing or removing dashboards. I tried successfully to remove all buttons by setting the HTM source.
But I can’t save my changes, I know that because Kibana generate an HTML code.
My request is to have a possibility to set kibana in order to remove some buttons. You can see below what I am fighting to release.
How I can see the algorithms of Kibana (Ongular, Jonson..)? How I can make setting? And what Objects are related my need?

Many thanks for your help.

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This doc is about getting a Kibana build environment set up. It's written in the context of contributing to the Kibana repository, but it sounds like you might want to fork the repo and make your own creation.


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