Modify Kibana UI

I am using kibana 5.0.0. I would like to customize kibana UI. Here are my requirements

  1. After user logs into kibana via sheild, can i restrict the access of the users to few pages. I dont want users to access Management/ Dev Tools pages.
    2)How can i make changes to kibana homepage(Discover Tab). I dont want to see the histgrams above the results.

Please help!!

I'm sorry, but we don't currently offer the features that you're requesting. If you think they would be valuable additions to Kibana, you can submit your issue here.

If you would like to attempt to create this functionality for yourself, one path toward that would be to write a 'hack' plugin. The best way to get started with a plugin for kibana is to use the Kibana Plugin Yeoman Generator.

Thanks for you reply.
Regarding my second question, i made changes to /usr/share/kibana/src/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover/index.html. I removed the

with histograms to see anything change in vain. Can you please help. Sorry for my ignorance

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