Kibana UI customization and changes in home page

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We updated the Kibana UI just by modifying some text to see if our changes will reflect, since we initially wanted to add more elements/ components on the home page such as more texts and links.

In this specific case, we edited the sentence (highlighted below) and put exclamation marks at the end instead of a period, saved the js file, and restarted our Kibana service. We tried multiple times, however, we still didn't see any changes in the following UI.

Does anyone here know what updates or changes we need to do more just to edit Kibana's UI? Specifically, we looked into this js file for the text we're trying to modify. What else should be done to compile/ run/ save the changes we made? Are there further dependencies or setups to be considered?

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You also need to delete the optimize folder in order for Kibana to regenerate the UI bundles. Otherwise, for development i would really recommend running kibana in dev mode from source and then you can just change the code and it will be displayed on a refresh, without having to restart the server

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Hi @Marius_Dragomir,

Where could the optimize folder be located? We're using 7.1.1 version of Kibana.
Also, we were just directly editing the js files in notepad since that's the editor we only have in our server and we don't usually need to customize the UI. We normally just edit Kibana's yml & web.config file for its configurations.
Thanks for addressing this concern!

It should be next to the bin folder of Kibana. It depends on what package you used and what OS are you using.

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Thanks @Marius_Dragomir! This resolved our problem :blush:

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