Kibana 7.9 - Customizatios not reflecting on the browser


When I make customizations in Kibana 7.9.2 code, though they are reflecting in the optimize/bundles but not on the browser(localhost:5601)

Earlier I had successfully done customizations for Kibana 7.4.

Do I have to anything more than refreshing the bundles in optimize directory?
Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

It's not recommended to make changes to code, as we have a plugin system for making modifications. Even so, we don't do anything to prevent it. In 7.10 we removed the optimizer in production entirely, so not sure the thing you're modifying was migrated off of that but still somehow reflected in those legacy build outputs. What file are you modifying?

The customizations that I am not able to achieve using the plugin systems are:

  1. When Dashboard is viewed in embed state, share, edit should be hidden

  2. In Grouped bars, showing "z-axis" labels containing the % values

@RichaSinha08 for #1, the Kibana share functionality changed in 7.9 to give you more options, one of which is hiding the top menu that contained the share and edit buttons.

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