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(Mohana) #1

Hi all
i installed kibana-plugin-gauge-sg-master from git hub.And it is working in Kibana.
I want to know is it possible to edit the java script within this plugin based on my need.(Like changing the color,Max gauge value etc..).I trued editing restarted both kibana,Elastic search but changes didnt reflect in kibana.
Thanks for your help

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Hi Mohana,

I think to make it use your changes you should stop Kibana and delete the optimize directory under it, and then start Kibana.


(Mohana) #3

Thank you so much LeeDr for your reply.
once deleting the files under optimize directory (cache files) changes are reflecting

(Mohana) #4

Changes are reflecting only once .After that unable to see the changes following the same procedure.i am deleting the below files under this directory.kibana-4.5.4-windows\optimize\bundles

(Lee Drengenberg) #5

Could it be browser caching? You could try refreshing the page, or opening a new private/incognito browser, or a different browser type.

When you stop Kibana, delete those files, and start Kibana do you see a wait (usually more than 1 minute) while it's optimizing?

(Mohana) #6

yes i could see some time taken during start up.when i delete files mentioned.But no hope it is not reflecting .Tried as incognitive tab also.

(system) #7