How to view custom plugin changes in Kibana 7.5

I written a few custom plugins for Kibana 7.5.0. I've found that if I install my updated plugin and then restart Kibana, I do not see my changes. If I want to see my changes to the pluign, I must uninstall my current plugin, restart Kibana, install my updated plugin and then restart Kibana again. I've recently found that I can install my updated plugin, remove the files listed in the optimize/bundle directory and then restart Kiabana. Surely there has to be a better way of installing my updated plugin and seeing those changes in Kibana without doing all these steps. Any suggestions?

Hello Stacey,

You'd likely want to run kibana in dev mode with your plugin loaded until you have something finalized. Then you could take that same plugin and load it in Kibana per usual. You can read more in the developer guide here.


Thanks Aaron. That is exactly what I'm doing. I'm developing plugins in dev mode on my local computer and then installing them on our test server. When installing them on our test server I have to remove the previous version of the plugin, restart Kibana, install the new version of the plugin and then restart Kibana again. Our test server is rather slow so it takes about 10 minutes to restart Kibana each time. I was hoping there would be an easier way to update and already installed plugin than what I'm currently doing.

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