Kibana plugin development - server changes

hello there

I'm developing a plugin for kibana which would query elastic and display the data just like the dashboard, but in a slightly different way.
I figured that i need to use a server in kibana to communicate with elastic (something like a proxy), but when im making changes to the server files it doesnt update.
I see changes only when I restart the kibana dev server, and that takes some time, is there any way around it?

I'm running kibana from the plugin directory using npm run start There is detailed guide here. Hope this helps.


I'm sorry, but there is literally zero information about the building process. It seems like the front-end side js files are loaded on the fly but the server side is not.

Ok, I just discovered it by accident... If you hit ENTER in the terminal that runs kibana dev server it will restart the backend server without terminating the whole dev build.

Shame that its not documented.


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