Turn off Kibana Plugin Cache

I am currently working with a kibana 4.2.1 production environment and was wondering if there was anyway to disable kibana from caching plugins.

Reason: Testing small modifications to currently existing plugins


Not using the build, I don't believe.

What you want to do is test your changes using the dev environment, where the server would respond to changes as you make them.

If you're doing plugin development, you can take the final output and just put it into your installedPlugins path of your production build.

Okay thanks,
Is there many significant differences between the dev environment and the corresponding production version.

Not really. The server running in "dev mode" does some watching and automatic restarting, which makes development easier. It requires a lot more system resources though, so be aware of that. There's also some "dev" dependencies that'll be installed, and you'll need to bring your own node install.

Other than that though, it's pretty close to what we ship as a build.

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