Production Mode vs Development Mode in Kibana

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How can we ensure the Kibana is runing in Prod Mode or Dev Mode., or what is the difference between dev mode or prod mode in Kibana.

Same thing I got info for elastic search in Production Mode vs Development Mode in Elastic & Kibana

In order to run kibana in dev mode, you need to specify the --dev flag to the Kibana CLI while running it.
You can tell Kibana is running in dev mode if you have the file present.
There are potential problems when running Kibana in dev mode, as it's noted in the Contributing guide ( ) :

In development mode, Kibana runs a customized version of Webpack with some optimizations enabled to make building the browser bundles as fast as possible. These optimizations make the build process about 2x as fast for initial builds, and about 7x faster for rebuilds, but are labeled "unsafe" by Webpack because they can sometimes cause changes to go unnoticed by the compiler.

The default running mode of Kibana is Prod. is it correct?

Yes, that is the default mode for Kibana.

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