Production Mode vs Development Mode in Elastic & Kibana

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What is the difference between the elastic search & Kibana in dev mode and Prod mode or how we can identify the server is running in Prod mode or Dev Mode.

According to the docs, am not getting pretty clear.

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As described on that page, the difference between dev and production mode is that in dev mode we warn about important system, JVM and Elasticsearch settings that are not configured correctly for production usage, while in production mode we will error on these checks when the node starts and refuse to start the node.

The distinction between whether a node is consider to be in dev or production mode is down to whether the transport host is bound to localhost. If (or is set to a localhost address we consider the node to be in development mode. If its set to a non-localhost address we consider the node to be in production mode.

How can we ensure the server is running on Prod Mode or Dev Mode? Is there any command or via Kibana.

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As I said above, you just need to ensure that in you elasticsearch.yml file on each of your nodes the or is set to a non-localhost address. You can also look a the transport_address in the Nodes Info API

Same thing is applicable for Kibana means same way can we ensure the Kibana running in Prod Mode

I'm not sure Kibana has a distinction between development and production mode currently though it may be better to ask that in the Kibana category of this forum

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