Is it fine if I use development mode kibana for my production environment?

Hi all,

It will be a lot more of your help if any one can tell me if it is absolutely fine to use development mode kibana in my production environment, what can be the drawbacks and consequences of using development version kibana instead of production if any?

also can I run development mode kibana in other than localhost and access the same from another network other than local host server.

Any feedback and help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

What's a development version of Kibana?

many thanks for the reply Mark,

the dev kibana version is 6.2

What's development mode?

By saying development mode I was actually referring to the kibana from the git hub repository. instead of downloading the zip from the main site.

here is the path for the same:

the reason behind using the git hub repo kibana is because there I can start kibana in watch mode easily which I was not able to do with the production release kibana 6.2.1. zip.

So my question was is it safe to use the same in my production environment.

Hope you got my point.

I would at-least use the most recent stable released version of Kibana for production environment and not run it directly from the source which is subject to change frequently as its dev env.


Thanks a lot Rashmi for you prompt and valuable reply.

You solved my issue here. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Hi @Sunny_Sachan,
actually once you have the Git repo you can make a production build by yourself.


Hi tsvet,

Many thanks for your feedback here.

It will be a lot more of your help if you can please elaborate a bit as how can I manage to do the same, as I am having the git repo.


please check if this helps

Hi tsvet,

Many many thanks for your great help, ill surely have a look and let you know.

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