Bind to localhost in production mode


I have a use case that’s a little unusual. I have a node where discovery.type is set to single-node, I want to bind to localhost and put an Nginx reverse proxy in front of the node in order to provide authentication.

My question is, if I do what I have described above, will the node be able to move into production mode when discovery.type is set to single-node and the node is binding to localhost? Or is there no way to avoid development mode if you are binding to localhost, even when discovery.type is set to single-node?

Thank you in advance.

The only real difference between "development mode" and "production mode" is whether the bootstrap checks are enforced or not. If you set es.enforce.bootstrap.checks to true then the checks are enforced, and therefore you are in "production mode", regardless of which interfaces and/or discovery type you're using.

Hi David,

Thank you for your reply.

That makes a lot of sense - I will do that.

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