[DEV] Restarting Kibana - plugin modification not deployed

Hello all,
I'm developing a custom visualization on Kibana. I'm working on the 6.2.4 Windows version.
If I restart Kibana to deploy the modified plug-in it doesn't show any modification.
I need to remove my folder-plugin from the plugin folder, start Kibana without it and then restart again with the new visualization.
I'm missing something. Tell me I'm missing somenthing.

Have I probably disable a sort of fast starting?

  • Thanks.

Hey @Marco_Strambelli, how are you running Kibana? Are you using yarn start and where are you putting your plugin code relative to the root kibana/ folder?

Hi @Brandon_Kobel.
I use bin/kibana.batto run Kibana.
No I'm not using Yarn start.
I'm putting my plugin code under kibana/plugins/<myPluginFolder>/

Thx for helping

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