Kibana plugin development

Hi all,
I've the kibana development environment installed on my machine and I can create a boilerplate of plugin via the plugin-generator-tool.
After completed the generation of my new plugin, I can't see anything, can anyone please help me?

Hello. Did you run yarn start? It will run kibana with installed your plugin. But before, you need to start elasticsearch from development environment yarn es snapshot -E

Yes I do, also yarn kbn startup and all the steps on the docs. Where I'm supposed to see the plugin?

If kibana will start without any errors, then open kibana at provided url (http://localhost:5601/XXX/) XXX - random generated 3 chars. On the left sidebar you will see new "button" with first letter of you plugin name. Click on this, and you open your plugin.

I only see "default"

Can you please attach a piece of screen with this sidebar?


nvm use
yarn es snapshot
yarn kbn bootstrap
yarn start

this is my sidebar.

my plugin name have a "_" char, is this a problem?

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