Kibana plugin development inspect

So I'm trying to debug a plugin thats getting an error, but I'm having trouble launching Kibana with inspection and connecting to it.

I've seen in the contributing docs that I can use yarn debug to launch kbn with debugging ports, but there's not option for that within the plugin, using plugin-helpers. watch netstat -tulpn doesn't show any of the 9229, 9230, or 9231 ports listening.

Also, 9229 seems to attach to the process running the elasticsearch snapshot.

How do I get kibana to open up an inspect port for a plugin I'm developing, so that I can connect to it with vscode?


I seem to have figured it out. If you run yarn debug from the kibana directory, rather than the kibana/plugins/my_plugin directory, it will launch the correct listening ports and it will link your plugin in. I assumed that you had to run the yarn commands from inside the plug directory, but thats not true.

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Thanks for keeping us posted.


Obvious feedback here is that it would be nice if the plugin-helpers had a yarn debug command that passed through to the yarn debug in the kibana project above that.

Should I open a ticket in the github?

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That will be great. Here please:


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