Starting Kibana as a developer

To create a custom plugin, I

  1. I cloned the kibana git hub repo
  2. yarn kbn bootstrap ----> was successful

Now to connect to Elasticsearch, I can either use
Option: 1
yarn es snapshot
-> results in error (Elasticsearch snapshot for starting Kibana as a developer)
Option: 2
I already have an elasticsearch instance running. So I can connect kibana to the same by making necessary changes in config/kibana.yml

         server.port: 5601 "<ip-address>"
         elasticsearch.hosts: ["http://<ip-address>:9200"]

yarn start --allow-root
This takes forever to execute.... it doesn't stop.... after doing around 135 tasks, now shows waiting for changes. Doesn't show the Kibana service has started in http://ip-address:5601

When I do curl http://:5601 -> I don't get an output but at least no connection refused error

I wasn't able to connect Kibana Dev to the Elasticsearch service already running

yarn es snapshot worked though

I created a different user for my machine and in ./created a folder and git cloned the Kibana repo into it... and then did all the steps afresh from there.

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