How to create kibana plugin and render `Hello World`

I started kibana and elastic search a few days ago just trying to create the kibana plugin and render hello world on a page

I went to mixuan sun website for a guide but I couldn't get it

even I watched the official video how to build your own kibana plugin I got stuck npm start where it's throws an error for me

Plz follow : External plugin development | Kibana Guide [8.1] | Elastic guide for Plugin development. If you get stuck, dig in deep to find the Kibana /ES logs to see whats happening . Let us know how can we help more.

I executed yarn kbn bootstrap and yarn kbn bootstrap --force-install these commands but end up with an error by looking into the image should I ignore that error?
Also tried to clear cache and retry above commands but no avail

How did you clear the cache? Could you try yarn kbn reset && yarn kbn bootstrap?

@Mikhail_Shustov thanks for responding I see to many bugs while doing this stuff in window (O.S) lately I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and started following the instructions of Minxuan Sun and finally everything execute smoothly now elastic search is up and running in development environment I encountered another error regarding to Authentication

Do you see this error after logging in?
On behalf of which user are you trying to open Kibana?
Are you sure that your user has access to Kibana?

once executing yarn start --oss command it's suppose to show Login dialog box on port 5601 so that I provide default credentials user = elastic and password = changeme
instead I see the image which I shared above

Could you try yarn start without --oss? Kibana doesn't support --oss version anymore

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