Installtion problem

Hello I am facing one issue while starting the elastic search from kibana dev environment.

while running yarn es snapshot
I am getting

I want to contribute for the project so please help me resolve this issue

Hi @sandipbhuyan,

I guess you're using 7.0.0-alpha1 tag of Kibana repository, please switch either to master or 7.0.0-alpha2 instead and run yarn kbn bootstrap.


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Reading through these docs would be a good start:

Then once you feel you're ready pick something easy to start with from the following list:

Ping the person who opened the issue and check whether this is actionable.


I just faced another issue after doing this

Hmm, not sure where the problem is, don't have Windows machine handy to check.

Make sure that your repository is in the pristine state and up-to-date and then try again maybe.

@azasypkin I am trying to configure it in ubuntu 18.04 so I think you can help me up if I faced any problem

Yeah, that's a good idea. Setting up Kibana dev environment under Linux/Mac is much more straightforward.

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