Yarn kbn bootstrap failing for dev local environment

Hi Team,

I am trying to run localhost:5600 (kibana) in the development environment.

Node version: v10.23.1
Kibana Version: 7.10.2
Windows: 10 (64)
Steps followed:

  1. Downloaded kibana zip file from GitHub
  2. Extracted zip file
  3. Navigated inside root directory and ran "yarn kbn bootstrap"
    It got failed with errors attached in the attachment.

Please help team.
Thanks in advance!

I don't think we've ever supported directly the "repo as a zip" as a development version. Can you try and do this after a Git Clone?

Thank you very much for quick reply!
please share git clone url for version 7.10.2 Kibana.

Also on windows you should only use WSL or Git bash.

Versions are available as branch in the Kibana repo

Started Kibana by executing "yarn run start"

UI loaded with URL: http://localhost:5601/diz

I feel UI should be specific to kibana , but Elastic UI came up.
Do I need to do any configurations?

Please suggest!

That's the Kibana UI. Elastic is the name of the company. Elasticsearch is a product and Kibana is another product.

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