How to development a kibana plugin in kibana 6.5.4

Develop the kibana6.5.4 plugin on windows10, run eslasticsearch using yarn es archive ../elasticsearch.tar.gz, then run yarn start or npm start in the kibana-extra\test_plugins folder, the result shows server log [03:15: 31.843] [info][status][plugin:rollup@6.5.4] Status changed from uninitialized to yellow - Waiting
For Elasticsearch, but can't see the result, access can access es, but access can't access kibana, what's wrong? Kibnan plugin configuration file "", elasticsearch.url: ""

Hi, if you want to run Kibana from source for 6.5.x, you can run the appropriate version of ES using yarn:

git clone kibana
cd kibana
git checkout 6.5
nvm use $(cat .node-version)
yarn kbn bootstrap
yarn es snapshot

In another terminal, run Kibana from source pointing to your plugin as a plugin-path:

yarn start --plugin-path=$HOME/elastic/kibana-extra/my-cool-plugin

You won't need any special changes to config/kibana.yml. If you want to make changes for the dev environment, put them in config/plugin-dev.kibana.yml and start Kibana with:

yarn start --config=config/plugin-dev.kibana.yml --plugin-path=$HOME/elastic/kibana-extra/my-cool-plugin

Although, I think when you run Elasticsearch using that yarn es command, you will not need any modifications to the config for ES.

This is the same as the official documentation on github, snapshot has expired, I am using yarn es archive elasticsearch.tar.gz, but it took a long time to start kibana, but kibana has not been successfully launched.

You can probably leave these out of the configuration. Try using the defaults and see if that works

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