Changes are not reflecting on the browser - (Kibana 7.10- Customization)

Hi, When i make any changes in kibana 7.10.1 build those changes are not reflecting on the browser. Earlier in 7.6 i was able to make it successfully by removing the /optimize/bundles.

Now it has been deprecated in Kibana 7.10. How can i handle this ?
Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

removing the /optimize/bundles

You don't need to do this anymore.

If you are setup using the development environment documentation after you run yarn start any front end changes are immediately available and any server side changes just do a quick restart that is triggered automatically with any file change.

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Thanks for the response !
This will work( yarn start) for source code. But I want for the build
after run ./bin/kibana it's not reflecting changes.

I've never tested but have you tried to manually trigger optimization according to documentation. I thought you didn't have to do anything anymore either. If you just stop and start it should do it. Clear browser cache?

bin/kibana --optimize

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bin/kibana --optimize has been deprecated in Kibana 7.10

./bin/kibana --help

Usage: bin/kibana [command=serve] [options]

Kibana is an open source (Apache Licensed), browser based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch.

serve [options] Run the kibana server
help Get the help for a specific command

"serve" Options:

-e, --elasticsearch <uri1,uri2>  Elasticsearch instances
-p, --port <port>                The port to bind to
-q, --quiet                      Prevent all logging except errors
-Q, --silent                     Prevent all logging
--verbose                        Turns on verbose logging
-H, --host <host>                The host to bind to
-l, --log-file <path>            The file to log to
--plugin-path <path>             A path to a plugin which should be included by the server, this can be specified multiple times to specify multiple paths (default: [])
--plugins <path>                 an alias for --plugin-dir
***--optimize                       Deprecated, running the optimizer is no longer* required**
-h, --help                       output usage information

I do not know the answer for this, hopefully someone else can jump in. I thought it worked automatically now.

This is what I would try next if you are referring to a plugin but I know that's not the right way.

Stop Kibana.
Rename Plugin.
Start Kibana.
Stop Kibana.
Rename Plugin Back.
Start Kibana.

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Ok, Thank you !!

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