How to reflect UI changes without restarting kibana

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I need to make some change in kibana css but every time to reflect that changes, I need to delete optimize/bundle folder and restart kibana.
Please let me know if there is any other workaround.


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Can anyone plz reply me on this.It is taking long time to edit any core file and then restart after deleting optimize folder.


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Hey @seema are you running Kibana from our source you cloned from GitHub?

If you are, check out the Contributing Guide section on setting up your Development Environment specifically the yarn start command, this will let you iterate a lot quicker by doing incremental rebuilds when it notices that files have changed.

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Thanks for your reply Brandon.
I tried to followed the steps and install Yarn as well but while running command
yarn kbn bootstrap
it is showing me Command "kbn" not found error.
Please let me know further process.

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Is your source up to date with master? The kbn tool was just recently added.

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Hi Brandon,

yes I am using 6.1.2 version

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@seema in that case, you can follow the contributing guide fo 6.1.2:

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Hi Brandon,

I cloned kibana 6.1.2 and while doing npm install it is giving me below error:
Unsupported URL Type: link:packages/kbn-babel-preset

can you please help me in this.


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Hi ,

Can anyone please reply me on this.


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