Kibana customisation - optimize error

Hi folks,

I am currently working on customising the UI of Kibana v7.11.2. I am trying this locally on macOS. However I am not able to create the optimize folder automatically.

After making changes to the required CSS files, I deleted the optimize folder under src/ and restarted kibana from home directory using: bin/kibana which resulted in below error:

 FATAL  Error: Cannot find module '../../optimize'
Require stack:
- KIBANA_HOME/src/legacy/server/kbn_server.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/legacy/legacy_service.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/legacy/index.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/server.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/root/index.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/bootstrap.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/core/server/index.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/cli/serve/serve.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/cli/cli.js
- KIBANA_HOME/src/cli/dist.js

All those files are present in the path with required permissions. I also tried the command bin/kibana --optimize but it returned back control with no result.
I am running the setup with default settings. Absolutely no changes done to elasticsearch.yml and kibana.yml other than use a different port.

What am I doing wrong ?Is there a way to force the bundling process ?

Thank you


What are you using as a basis to customize? the released build? Or the source from github?

Hi @Marius_Dragomir

I am using the released build.

There should be no need to remove the src/optimize folder any more. Can you try without that?

Ah yes ! There is no need to delete the optimize folder.
(Seems my changes were not correct hence were not reflecting)

Thank you

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