How to rebuld Kibana for UI changes

Hi, I need to change the appearance of Kibana - hide the top bar with the .euiHeader class, I make changes to the css file node_modules \ @kbn \ ui-shared-deps \ target \ kbn-ui-shared-deps.light.css, but the changes are not happen. I try to rebuild Kibana by deleting the optimize directory, or by installing and then uninstalling plugins, but there are no changes - the css file in the browser does not change, tell me what to do?

Hi @User4,
There is not an officially supported way for customisations like this one. You may want to follow this issue though that is related:

Thanks for your reply!, unfortunately there are no working instructions on how to rebuild Kibana for UI changes =/. There are only assumptions about how it would be possible to do this, but there is no clear and understandable step-by-step instructions, which are needed by very many judging by the forum =/

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