Need help in how to rebuild the node_modules present in kibana source code with code changes

I have changed some CSS properties like button color, text color etc.. present inside "kibana-8.1.1/node_modules/@kbn/ui-shared-deps-npm/shared_built_assets/kibana-ui-shared-deps-npm.v8.light.css" file, that changes need to be reflect in the Kibana UI. What are all the steps I need to do to make that changes to be reflect in the Kibana dashboard UI?

Hi @Ashigha_JR

The changes you are applying should be done on the EUI project, then link it to Kibana.
The EUI project has a developer guide in order to do that for testing purposes, probably not a good idea for production: eui/wiki/contributing-to-eui/testing/ at 0b320cd41d66d91b096f03122c2760bee3088832 · elastic/eui · GitHub

As alternative there's this third party Kibana plugin to help customize some Kibana theme variables: GitHub - lizozom/custom-kibana-theme: Customize Kibana's appearance (logos, icons, texts and more)


As suggested, we tried to use 2 custom plugins which are available. But these are not compatible with our Kibana version and have license issues.

Any suggestions on this?

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