Need help to how to customize the theme color of the kibana dashboard

Is it possible to customize the theme color of the kibana dashboard apart from default light and dark theme.
I need to change the kibana dashboard theme color into purple , also need to change the color of the time filter,refresh button,query,filter bar from blue color to purple.

Hi @Ashigha_JR,

Which version of Kibana are you are using? There is a community plugin for custom CSS that you could try but it was developed on 7.7.1 and we can't make any guarantees on it.

Otherwise you will need to either make the CSS changes yourself or write a plugin as per this thread.

Thanks for the reply Carly, we are using kibana 8.1.1 version and unable to find CSS files in the Kibana source code.Can you please tell me if you know the path of the CSS where I need to make change.

I'm not 100% sure, but I would have a look at the public styles folder in GitHub, as well as the guidelines on using a Kibana release.

Hope that helps!

Hi Carly, can we ovverride the button color,text color from blue color to purple using this public style folder.If we written styles in that public styles folder ,it will reflect in the Kibana UI by restarting the kibana ? or need to follow any steps to make that changes reflect in the UI ?

Also is it possible to ovverride the kbn-ui-shared-deps-npm package css styles using the public styles folder


As suggested, we tried to use 2 custom plugins which are available. But these are not compatible with our Kibana version and have license issues.

Any suggestions on this?

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