Change kibana UI as per need

I want add navbar in kibana 6.8 for my organization internal use.
Also I want to revamp the Kibana UI as per my need.

How can I proceed doing it.

For the header, one option would be to put Kibana in an IFRAME.

For styling changes, you could create a plugin. Currently, there is very limited documentation on this, but there is a script when running Kibana from source node scripts/generate_plugin which would get you started. You have a few options, if you are just working with styles you can put them in the SCSS files as they are loaded on each request. If you need more complex behavior you can use the "hacks" as part of uiExport which allows you to run JS on each page request.

We're currently working on completely changing our plugin architecture with much more documentation. This includes our design, which is based off a project called EUI. We have a long outstanding issue regarding custom theming which we're making progress towards:

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Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the response. Is there any plugin code reference for the user interface.
All plugins that I have found is only for creating custom visualization.

Also I want to make use of the EUI. Any sample code or reference will be helpful.

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