Does any one know which file to edit to embed a navbar in kibana ui?

I want to add a navbar in kibana 6.8.
I have asked this question previously, however it was suggested to use iframe.

Instead of using Iframe I want to append the code directly to the source code of kibana. Please help.

Thank you

For more understanding, do u want to add new item in the left side menu ??

Like Discover , Dashboard do u want one more ??

I want to have nav bar spanning the page which will have our company logo.

Any screen shot where you want ?

As you can see the top of the page comprises of a nav bar colored in white, with a logo and user image on the left and right side respectively.

This is done using iframe. I want to do it by appeneding the same code in kibana 6.8


Add you required html here:
Changed required in this file

Hi Vempraral,

Thanks for your reply.
I will try this and will let you know.

Please do let me know and if its working mark it as resolved

I tried adding the html elements on that file, but nothing is being rendered.
Also checked the browser console but those elements which I added is not showing.

Any idea why is it not show. Ideally the additional html tags should render.

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