Kibana UI customization using a plugin

We are working with Elastic search and Kibana (version 6.5.1).

We wanted to replace the Kibana logo with our company's logo, & were able to do that by overriding the css by introducing a custom css file this path:

/usr/share/kibana/optimize/bundles/{'Custom css file'}

And included the import to that inserted file in this js:


const styleSheetPaths =
${bundlePath}/{'Custom css file'}, //Made this change
].concat( => ${basePath}/${path.publicPath}).reverse());

We were also able to replace the Kibana logo in the Throbber by modifying these files:

And also were able to replace the Kibana favicons by our favicons by replacing them here.

My point is, I had to modify the code of many files to achieve this, so is there a cleaner way to do this "revamp" of Kibana UI using a plugin, so that maybe when we upgrade our Kibana version, the UI changes still persist?

Hello Ashish,

There is not an officially supported way to do these sorts of customizations yet. You may want to follow this issue though which I believe covers most of what you're looking for!


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