How to customize kibana UI?

(Ahrtr) #1

The kibana version I am using is 6.2.2. Is it possible to customize the kibana UI as below?

  1. Modify the default home page or replace it with a customized page;
  2. Remove the Timelion plugin;
  3. Remove/hide some items in [Management]-->[Advanced Settings].


(Bhavya R M) #2


for 1 and 3 - you have to write your own ui plugin to do it.
For 2: you can try to add timelion.enabled: false in kibana.yml and try to restart the server.


(Ahrtr) #3

It's highly appreciated if you can provide some guides on how to do these. I know how to implement kibana plugins, I just don't know how to do these specific tasks for now.

Confirmed and it worked. Thank you!

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