Customize text from login page in Kibana 7.6 - not working

Hi everyone!
I wanted to customize the texts from login/logout page in Kibana version 7.6 with my custom text.

I have found where the texts are written:

  • for the Welcome to Kibana and Your window into the Elastic Stack, it is referred in the file kibana\x-pack\legacy\plugins\security\public\views\login\components\login_page\login_page.js

  • for the You have logged out of Kibana., it is referred in the file kibana\x-pack\legacy\plugins\security\public\views\login

I changed the defaultMessage with my own texts, but when I restart Kibana, the text does not seem to have changed. They remain the initial texts from Kibana.
Do you have any idea what is happening? How can I successfully change it?

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

You need to be aware that any of those changes will get lost once you e.g. update Kibana to a new version. However to make the kind of change visible, you need Kibana to trigger a rebuild by deleting the optimize folder. When you restart Kibana, you should be able to see those changes.


thank you very much for your reply @matw.
Sorry for my following question but I am wondering, by deleting the optimize folder, you mean 1. deleting the whole optimize folder, 2. deleting everything inside optimize folder.

I deleted the whole optimize folder but I got the following error message:
Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command npm update
and it does not let me open the Kibana.

how did you install Kibana?

I run elasticsearch and kibana locally in desktop.

checked out from source? installed by package? which system is it running on? thx

OS: windows 7
Kibana 7.6, Elasticsearch 7.6
I downloaded kibana and elasticsearch as zip files and run them locally.
Hope I have answered your question.

Could you try running

node scripts/build

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