Kibana login page customization


I'm using Elastic&Kibana 8.3 and trying to change the logo and text in kibana login page below. any idea how to change it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @abaltan,

The logo and welcome text are not customizable at this time. There are a number of facets you can customize though, which are documented here:
Adds a message to the login UI. Useful for displaying information about maintenance windows, links to corporate sign up pages, and so on.
Adds a message accessible at the login UI with additional help information for the login process.
Determines if the login selector UI should be enabled. By default, this setting is set to true if more than one authentication provider is configured.

The ability to offer this level of customization is something that's come up a number of times before. There's an issue here tracking a number of related requests: Easy way to customize Kibana logo and theme · Issue #17879 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

It appears that there is a third-party plugin (unsupported by Elastic) which attempts to do this. You could give this a try if you were interested: GitHub - lizozom/custom-kibana-logo: Customize the logos and welcome texts of Kibana

Thank you for your response @Larry_Gregory, is there a way to change it even if it means changing the src code? I'd appreciate if you could share with me the path of the login page file.

@abaltan the source code for the login page can be found here:


This is what I have in the path you provided

@abaltan you're looking in the distributable, not the repository. You'd need to clone the git repository and produce a local build if you want to make code changes.

Within the distributable, this specific file would be located somewhere within the plugin's JS bundles, which would be in the x-pack/plugins/security/target/public directory of the distributable.

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