How to change/ modify kibana login landing page logo and text

I have upgraded with 8.3.3 version of ELK and As I can see in 7.1 version kibana logo and text at login page are
at /usr/share/kibana/x-pack/plugins/security/target/public/security.chunk.4.js this path But I can't find any login text and logo in that path.

can you guy's help me on this .


Hi Thanks for your replay,

I need latest version logo change settings ....

The logo settings are in /usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/rendering/views/logo.js

Hi I tried through Logo.js but in that I can't replace custom logo there if i replace with base64 img getting kibana server failed.

From where I can change logo for landing and logging page..

Any help on that.

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