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Dear Elastic,

In every login screen we provide a legal warning of using the to be entered application. It would be great if we could have a customizable text shown on the login screen of Kibana, possibly beside a company logo.

I've been playing with Elastic 6.0.0 (great job) and there is enough space available in this screen ;-). I think there was already a feature request entered in September 2015?

Kind regards,
Bernard van der Helm

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@in06cd look like this ? (sorry i cant public logo and text show in picture)

(Bernard van der Helm) #3

Yes, something like that. The legal message can be within the picture!

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For edit text button "ACCESS TO SYSTEM" like me

(kibana directory)/plugin/x-pack/plugin/security/public/views/login/login.html

For change logo, find file "global_nav.less"

(kibana directory)/src/ui/public/chrome/directives/global_nav/global_nav.less

Change to

background-image: url("~ui/images/your-company-logo.png"); -- line 35

You must upload your logo in folder

(kibana directory)/src/ui/public/images/

For edit title (text when load kibana)

(kibana directory)/src/ui/views/chrome.jade

find line 12, it look like this

meta(name='viewport', content='width=device-width')
    title Kibana

Change Kibana to your text

meta(name='viewport', content='width=device-width')
    title Your_text_here

NOTE: All change will be lost after you update version of kibana!

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