Customizing kibana deployment (logos, css, etc.)

Hello team,

On a local kibana deployment it's possible (however unwieldy, because version updates) to customize logos and other graphical settings by directly changing the relevant files (svg logos or related css). Is there any way to do it (persistently) on an ECE kibana deployment?


Hi @ebalmeida

Unfortunately there is no supported way of doing this within ECE. It would be necessary to run a non-ECE instance of Kibana pointing to an ECE cluster


I see, thank you. That would be a smart solution, but alas, not an option for us as we need the full functionality of Kibana and are not really willing to pay for a different deployment, outside our licensed ECE.

I know there's a (seemingly dead) feature request in github for a friendlier way to do that on local deployments. Should I open a different one for this or should I add to that one?

Why would you want to customize Kibana to have your own logo's and other assets ?
I know that you can upload a log for the Reporting aspect, but your wanting to go beyond that ?

Kibana is the product so why not leave it as-is and enjoy the stream of fixes and feature updates every 6 weeks rather than put in effort to change it.

If there's a feature enhancement that can be articulated clearly and lots of people want it im sure that's a better way to do it.

Hi @Jugsofbeer,

Customizing Kibana, or other dataviz solutions, is actually a quite common use case. Kibana (or parts of it) is often used embedded in other solutions (and it actually supports embedding quite well). That's one big use case. Another is visually differentiating instances (for instance, homologation and production) so they're instantly recongnizable (and the dashboards themselves shouldn't be differentiable in this case).

Anyway, if you do a quick search you'll find that plenty of people customize Kibana's visuals. those are just two examples off the top of my head.

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