ECE Kibana Logo replacement or addition of container name text

I did a little bit of research on changing the logo in Kibana but everything seems to have been implemented on Elastic and not ECE. How much might the directions for a logo change be different within ECE? I'm also looking at adding text to the top navbar that would have the deployment name for easy identification instead of changing the logo. Interested in the communities thoughts.

It's technically not supported ... the official recommendation is to run custom Kibanas outside of ECE (pointing to an ES that is inside ECE)

An "unsupported" option would be to inherit from our Kibana docker image but override it with the banner changes, and use the kibana.docker_image override to point to that (pretty ugly - eg it would make version upgrades very manual)

With that knowledge at hand this is a bigger lift than we have time for unfortunately. With that said it would be a nice feature, if possible, in future releases of ECE. Thanks again for the quick response and update Alex. Enjoy your weekend!

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