Kibana custom logo replace change

I'm Running Kibana on Docker | Kibana User Guide [5.6] | Elastic. Is there an guide (preferably official) on how to change/replace Kibana's logo with custom logo? Can SVG logo be used?

Please advise.


The kibana default logo exists at ./src/ui/public/images/kibana.svg under the kibana folder. As you can see, its an SVG to begin with and you can easily replace this with another custom SVG. The only caveat I would say is that whether you can do so w.r.t. copyright.

I am not sure whether you can have a kibana instance running publicly (or otherwise) that is marked as something other than kibana :slight_smile: ... Please confirm this point before you do so :slight_smile:

I'm hoping someone from Elastic team can weight in here)

There is no official guide to do this at this stage.

I renamed my logo into kibana.svg, follow by re-building and restarting container:

My Dockerfile looks like this:

root@elk11:/opt/elastic/kibana# cat Dockerfile 
COPY kibana.svg ./src/ui/public/images/

yet, still seeing original Kibana logo(

Please advise.

You need to update the optmised bundles as well.

There is a long thread about it here;

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