How to customize navbar logo in 7.12.1

hello community i want to change the navbar logo that is elastic how can I do it in 7.12.1.

At the moment there is no officially supported way to change the logo. However, this is a frequently requested feature, so we have a Github issue if you'd like to follow along for any future updates.

There are several threads here in the forums going over ways you can make this customization by changing the source code. Notably this thread tends to be updated quite frequently with instructions for new releases: Replace the kibana logo?

In 7.12.1 the SVG logo lives here: kibana/elastic_mark.tsx at v7.12.1 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

I believe altering this SVG and re-building Kibana would be all you need to do, but this isn't something I've tested.

ok let me try !!

there is no file name elastic_mark.tsx in v7.12.1 .

There is no file name elastic_mark.tsx. Please suggest any other file

The location in the distribution, which is already built, is different from the location in the source.

This is where it can be found in the source: kibana/elastic_mark.tsx at v7.12.1 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

My suggestion is to clone the Kibana repo, make the change, and re-build Kibana from source.

I'm not sure there's going to be an easy way to change the logo from the distribution -- I believe the SVG is inlined so you can't just overwrite a static image file somewhere. It would require digging through the built JavaScript files and finding the exact location where the logo SVG lives (which is possible, just a bit more challenging).

can you tell me where is the file to change login elastic logo and the file elastic_mark is not there in v7.12.1.
could you suggest another file .

I linked to this file in my comment above: kibana/elastic_mark.tsx at v7.12.1 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Have you cloned the Kibana repo yet? You will not find this file in the distribution.

git clone
git checkout v7.12.1
yarn kbn bootstrap

The login logo lives in this file (again, this is in the Kibana source and not the distribution, which you'd need to clone and modify): kibana/login_page.tsx at v7.12.1 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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