Custum beat exemple in documentation problem

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hi everyone,

I was learning how to create beats this days, and i found out an lsbeat exemple on the documentations, I followed the instruction one by one, and the lsbeat compiled with success. However, when I tried to execute the ./lsbeat it executes but i couldn't view the index on elasticsearch when I go to "localhost:9200/_cat/indices. can someone help me please .

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can you try console or file output first (disable elasticsearch output), to verify your beat correctly creates events.

You can enable debug output by starting your beat with -d '*'.

Also check the logs for ERR messages. Maybe the problem is the connection or template loading?

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Thanks for the response, I tried to do "./lsbeat -d "*" but the terminal
doesn't show the debugging.

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Oh Sorry, you have to use -e to print to stderr.

(Boubker Elamri) #5

Also -e doesn't work.

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i found out the solution, i had a problem on the main.go code
thanks for the help
best regards

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